To walk the path of a creative artist is indeed a challenge, which few ever follow for long before the energy and stamina run out.

With Lee Kian Choong things have worked out differently - has has the natural talent and the stubborn determination to carry through his creative ideas. These attributes are just two of the characteristics that successful artist have to have, to tread that winding and treacherous path towards success and recognition

KC, as we fondly call him, is a Singapore PR, 55, with the wide horizons of a much travelled man. His studio is in Singapore where he lives with his family. Already an established and recognized portrait photographer, his visual artworks have been commissioned by specialist private collectors across Asia.

Working and studying hard in the UK, he gained degress in computer science, contemporary art practices and became a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. Rare indeed, for an accomplished artist to be so professional qualified in his chosen field. This diverse bsckground makes for intrigue and wonder in the beholder.

In the words of K C Lee, "Art is the Embodiment of Universality". This simple statement goes a long way to explain his creative philosophy.

With his experience and diverse background he is in a strong position to create his own globalized art style which represents a bridge between less prominent boundaries and cultures. Defined as contemporary with eastern spirituality and western aesthetics, his style is both pleasing to the eye and teasing to the mind.

Today, KC Lee uses the traditional medium of the brush, ink and colors on rice paper to create contemporary works with moden abstract themes and innovative paintings techniques.

His paintings are mainly devoted to three themes: Childhood Memories of a Malaysia Village, the Essence and Resilience of Life and the Reveries of the Universe.

We are happy that the latest works by Lee Kian Choong, exhibited at the Taipa Houses Museum will go further to extend exposure of his special techniques, to the art loving public.

By The Late Sidney Cowell

Director of Asia Fine Art

March 2014